*Disclaimer: Power Point Files of content I teach at
Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS.
*I've put some of these up for students that have
graduated to refer back to their PowerPoints.
*These are not always maintained for current practice.
*Current students should refer to their manual and
online management system for the latest
PowerPoints for class.
*If I see that something has changed, I will either update or take down the PowerPoint that has out of date info.
*If someone sees that I have something up that is not
current, please e-mail me and I will remove it or
update the information.

What's New Department:
New Updates for ACLS 2005 revisions.
news in 35 languages,,

Algorithms: All cases (1 - 10) are finished.

Rhythms: basic read-a-strip done,
Rhythm test - 20 Rhythms scanned and linked to the Algorithm's section.

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This is a YouTube video of a Voiced Over PowerPoint.
These are about 30 mins on Concepts surrounding Central Lines, Fluids, and TPN
These are about 30 mins on Concepts surrounding ECG rhythm recognition and ACLS.